This 2-cylinder 17HP Star is a one-of-a-kind, hand made brass era style horseless carriage reconstruction, originally built by G. Tibert Pisek in 1895.

The 1895 Star is a one-of-a-kind hand built masterpiece of automotive craftsmanship. This unique brass era horseless carriage reconstruction is the product of over three years of full-time, painstaking labor.

The attention to detail in terms of engineering, authenticity and aesthetic beauty is exquisite. There are few individuals in the world that are capable of designing a historically faithful horseless carriage, and even fewer that are able to build it with such quality. It is built by a master craftsman and fabricated with modern precision and ingenuity. This Star is fully functional, and runs and drives with little more than 100 miles since its creation.

It is truly a marvel to behold when its intricate brass, wood and metal parts come to life and run like clockwork. The side-by-side seating is reminiscent of a Victorian horse-drawn buggy adorned with hand carved wood trim, painted inlays and bronze hardware. The two-cylinder engine displaces 94 cubic inches and is cooled by 4.5 gallons of water. It is capable of generating 17HP. Its top speed reached a sedate 15-17 MPH. The transmission features a three-shoe clutch, with three speeds forward and one reverse.

The frame of the carriage is is embellished with swirling sleigh rails, black canvas top and leather bound shroud. The wooden buggy wheels are built by an Amish wheel maker. The steering wheel and three speed transmission is present instead of a primitive steering tiller and planetary transmission, which would be typical of a car built prior to 1900. This car is currently available for sale at Volo.


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