Will the upcoming Toyota Supra be joined by a smaller Celica sibling? If a recent trademark filing by Toyota is anything to go by, then the answer may be yes.On August 31, Toyota filed a standard character mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the Celica nameplate, indicating an intention to use the moniker. Where the company plans to affix the long-dormant label remains a mystery.

One possibility is that the next-generation 86 sports coupe may be renamed the Celica. After all, the original Celica was a rear-wheel-drive sports coupe. Still, given Toyota’s large global investment in the 86 moniker, we’re hesitant to believe the brand’s entry-level sports coupe will see a name change.

Despite the Celica’s rear-wheel-drive origins, we’d wager Toyota is more likely to use the name on a sports coupe that follows in the footsteps of later Celicas. In other words, if the brand does make a new Celica, we suspect it will be resurrected as a front-wheel-drive sports coupe (like the 1990 model pictured above). Expect such a car to ride on the Toyota New Global Architecture that currently underpins the Camry, the C-HR, and the Prius, not to mention the next-generation Corolla.


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